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Quick Overview of PhoneNET
Speed:PhoneNET Plus: 1M baud
Cable:Telephone Cable
Termination:120 ohm resistor
Cable length:Up to 4000 feet/ 1.2 km
Circuit:Low-resistance floating-ground parallel
Restrictions:Avoid Circular Loop Connections

System Topologies:

Daisy chain:
Usually 26-gauge wire, total length about 2000 feet/ 600m. No more than 20 connectors should be used with daisy chain. Removing one connector in the middle leaves two separate networks with no communication to each other.

Also known as backbone topology.
A single cable runs to all wall boxes at each device location. The device is attached to the wall box with an extension cable. Disconnecting a device is possible without interfering the network. The use of small daisy chains is possible.
Distance guidelines:
- 22 gauge copper wall cable: 4000 feet
- 24 gauge copper wall cable: 3000 feet
- 26 gauge copper wall cable: 2000 feet
Using shielded cable reduses the distance about 30%.
Each foot of extension cable braching of the trunk counts as two feet network length.

Termination inside the wall box.

Passive Star:
Up to 6 braches connected together at one location (hub). A branch can be a trunk with daisy chains branching from it. The four largest branches must be terminated by installing a terminator resistor inside the wall box furthest from the center of the star. Other branches should be less then 100 feet. The total length of all branches cannot exceed 4000 feet. Distance guidelines for calculating the total amount of feet:

- 1ft terminated wall cable 22 gauge = 1ft
- 1ft unterminated wall cable 22 gauge = 2ft
- 1ft terminated wall cable 26 gauge = 2ft
- 1ft unterminated wall cable 26 gauge = 4ft

Active star:
The active star has a StarController (PN207) with 12 ports, each capable of supporting 3000 feet, all according to the passive star topology. For large networks each office room or floor can use a star topology and all stars are connected to the StarController. For very large networks multiple StarControllers can be connected in a backbone. At each is StarController a Mac attached running network managers software with a wide variety of managment possibilities.